[RESOLVED]What script controls the firing of the navbar-toggle button in a Bootstrap page?

I’ve moved a bunch of code and broken the button that shows a drop down menu for a smaller screens. The button just sits there looking cool but being useless. I need to know what script or library controls it so I can put it back.

In the App_Start folder, check the BundleConfig.cs file and make sure that the new paths have been set here for your new bootstrap.js file location.  In fact, you might verify all of your bundle paths.

Good thought but it isn’t in that file or any other in that folder. As it happens I no longer have the problem but not quite sure why not.

I have a bootstrap style sheet for the main user site and am using a different one for the admin area that I’m working on. I had figured that because the admin area master page was in the Admin folder that it would be a good idea to copy the scripts in the
Content folder to a new Content folder off the admin folder. Then re-write the addresses of the scripts in the master page aspx. This didn’t workout somehow. Solution was to put the script addresses back to the same as the master page in the root folder and
thereby eliminate any need for a new place to store scripts other than the new bootstrap css file.

Hi thsman,

The issue is that you may apply two different css style files in your page.

I suggest that you can press F12 ,click the "Dom Explorer" to check the css for your element in your page.

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Kevin Shen. 

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