[RESOLVED]what relationship do i need

I am stuck on figuring this out. MVC 5, EntityFramework My project revolves around a Job. Every Job has multiple ChangeOrders. I have that setup fine. A Job has one Customer. That works fine as well. my problem is with the Customer Employees. The Customer class
has a one-to-many relationship with the CustomerEmployee class. Every Customer Employee has a basic properties plus a Role property. Super,PM,Accountant, or Admin. Well when I create a job, I need to select a CustomerEmployee Admin/PM etc… What relationship
would this be? A many-to-many relationship? In my mind, the Job class would need to have a CustomerEmployeeSuperId, CustomerEmployeePMId, CustomerEmployeeAdminId and CustomerEmployeeAccountantId.

Because right now all it has is CustomerEmployeeId

How do I do this?

Hello Texas,

form my point of view the relationship should be many to many.


you where correct. i used this as a guide


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