[RESOLVED]what is the latest on Membership.GetAllUsers()???

Still getting a not supported exception.

Is there an update I need to get or do we chalk this one up to tumbleweed and thermal paper?

Quite a bit of the Membership API is not implemented in the SimpleMembershipProvider. I can’t imagine that it ever will be. That’s how the membership system was designed – you base your provider off the abstract Membership class and only implement those
members that you want to implement. It’s not a case of tumbleweed or neglect. The API designers never intended to implement the method. There are a lot of Membership methods that we never implemented in SimpleMembership. That was part of the point of introducing
a simplified membership provider. 

In any event, how would you want the method to be implemented? It would have to bring back every column of data that could populate a

MembershipUser object’s properties
. Chances are that you would never need all that data so any implementation would be less than optimal. If you want a list of all the members in your database, it’s easy enough to write your own query to get it.

Agree there is little benefit to GetAllUsers

This one would be nice:



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