[RESOLVED]What are some good ways (packages) to add a Forums functionality to an MVC5 site?


VS2013, MVC5

I need to add a forums functionality to my MVC5 site.  Are there open source or otherwise good packages to integrate into the MVC5 template?

Is there a better way to do this instead of using an existing package assuming one exists?


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There are quite a few open-source blogging platforms out there that you might consider. I’m not sure what the specifics are for each of them or minimum requirements, but you might want to check out each of them to see if you can find one that meets your

Any of the following major content management systems have forum-support and some are designed specifically to function as forums :

I would highly recommend reading through the link by Stephen Walther that I mention above. It is a multi-part tutorial series
that goes through the process of building your own Forums within ASP.NET and would likely be extremely helpful to you (if you ever wanted to handle creating your own).

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I will read Walther’s series; my initial look shows it is as you suggest a very valuable series.

As I was looking through your links, I noticed a commercial license fee on one, which was fine, but it alerted me to what may be a misunderstanding on my part.  For a commercial application is open source possibly not a wise idea if there isn’t a commercial
fee simply due to copyright issues, even if they’re not stated outright?

Also, for forums such as the one, meaning asp.net, is code for these types of forums available, or does one have to write their own if they don’t like what they’ve found to date?

Thanks again.

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