[RESOLVED]watermark image dynamically while uploading before saving it

how to watermark image before saving it

using webImage i have to save the image first and give path of it

is it possible to watermark first and save

I googled "asp.net add watermark to uploaded image" and this was the first result, you can find others too


AidyF : thanks for your reply

but i want this in mvc

It doesn’t make a difference, the watermark code is the same.  If it is the image upload you don’t know how to do then you should be more explicit, but even then just google "image upload mvc" and you’ll find lots of examples.  Once you have a handle on
the image as a stream you can watermark and save it as per the link above.  Or just google "mvc add watermark to uploaded image" and you’ll probably find an mvc example.  Some things are easily researched yourself, the code is all out there.



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