[RESOLVED]Want to debug site which is hybrid of both ASP and .Net

 Visual Studio 2005 website project. It consists of both asp and .net  pages. How can i debug this in Visual Studio, does anyone know?

Hi ,good day

see if u project contain a mixture of asp & asp.net file then on debugging locally from the start debug option in VS2005 then it will create problem , on output it will show(for asp pages) this type of file is not supported like that,in that case you have
to be on "hosting" with any web server(hosting area,that support both the file type asp & asp.net etc),in that case u can easily type u domain name & can check(debug) u changing(coding) becuse asp & asp.net have totally different file patern,so hope u can
solve u’s problem.



ASP.NET Development server is designed for ASP.NET pages and doesn’t serve classic asp page, which is running on IIS.

In your case, you can create HTTP-Based ASP.NET project which doesn’t use ASP.NET Development server, or migrate classic asp page to ASP.NET page.



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