Wait till WCF service callback complete on click/load some action


I am using concept called GateWayManager to call WCF service from client. Now my requirement is like action method has to wait till the call completes. Below is how I am calling the WCF service using GatewayManager:

public void test(){

GateWayManager.instance.Begin<IServiceTest>("TestServiceMethod", TestServiceMethodCallback, null);


private void TestServiceMethodCallback(object sender, GateWayManager.ClientEventArgs ea) {


IServiceTest.cs will be available in both server and client.

Please let me know how do I convert GatewayManager service like normal async call with action?

I found this http://www.devcurry.com/2013/01/aspnet-mvc-4-implementing-asynchronous.html#.UeZd1_n-Ky4 using AsyncController but I am not able to apply
this with my GatewayManager service call.

Please let me know if any solution.


Pretty rusty here, but first check your framework and be sure you are on the correct level. Secondly, I believe you connect to the ASYNC service when you set the proxy call.

you try these links as well…




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