VS 2012 Express for Web Navigation Controls

I am using Windows 8

I have a Web Project with a Master Page that has a Style Sheet. On the Master page I have a SiteMap file. aTreeView control with a SiteMapDataSource control. The Treeview displays properly on the clint pages in the project. When I then add a SiteMapPath
control to the Master Page, it also displays properly in design view.

However, when I Browse the Default (Home) client page in the Browser (IE), I see the following:

- TreeView displays all the nodes, but none are displayed as Links, and parent nodes do not collapse when clicked.

- SiteMapPath displays only the Top Node (Home)

When  I browse other client pages in the browser, the TreeView displays as indicated above, but there is nothing at all displayed in the SiteMapPath control.

I am assuming my problem is affecting both these controls, but I have been unable to figure out that I am doing wrong.


Navigation controls enable you to add various types of menus to webpages.

These include static and fly-out menus, a tree view, and a navigation path.

It hardly troubleshot according to current information, you could check whether add the controls properly.

Moreover, I hope someone else could give more positive solution.

Kind regards

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