I’m in a bit of a panic here.  I’m running vista 64bit machine with IIS 6 (I think) and VS 2008.   Before the weekend last week I had a perfectly working machine.  I came back and noticed an automatic windows update occured.  Since then my VS is doing very
strange things.  It’s not recognizing my dataconnections any longer, all SqlDataSources have an error in design view that says "Error Creating Control – SqlDataSource1 Object reference not set to an instance of an object" so I can’t compile my application.

If I try and run in debug, I get the popup window saying "Unable to start debugging on web server…blah, blah, blah".   In IIS I have notice my Default application pool stops on it’s own, and when I start it again go back into VS the IIS stops.

I don’t know what’s causing this.  I unistalled the update for the security patch that was installed but that didn’t help.  It might be IE 8 that’s got some security against it which is interferring with my connections but I don’t know why.  

Can someone help me with this?  I need this running again.


I can suggest you look into using System Restore to roll back to an earlier restore point.  I guess this can be your last resort if nothing else works…

 Well it just so happens the last install that the pc did was the latest update to the Vista operating system so my last restore point is just that far, which isn’t far enough.

I’ve done more more digging and found that what appears to be the problem is that VS cannot see the web.config file.  I changed the permissions against that file so it wasn’t read only and that allows me to run the application in debug but the SQLDataSources
are still showing a control error on them.  The ASP.Net configuration settings in VS also return some really nasty errors on the page when looking at the various settings and links within it whereas before those didn’t exist.

I’m sure it has something to do with permissions either in IIS, or a windows.  I find it odd that the web.config file isn’t seen my VS.  I know this because all the connectionstrings in the SQLdatasource wizard are blank, but should show all the connections
in the web.config.  Further more, in the aspx code there are namespaces that are not recognized but are also in the web.config. 

I hope that helps.   


 I found the exact same problem listed in the Microsoft feedback site by another user.  This isn’t an isolated incident, appearently others are experiencing the problem. 


What can I do to solve this issue?  So far I’ve tried to uninstall all the updates that were done after my machine was at its last known working configuration.  I’ve ran a repair against VS 2008, and I’m not down to running a repair against my operating

I’m running out of ideas.

 I have managed to correct my problem.  Here’s what I did.  (this is on a vista business 64bit machine with vs 2008 sp1)

-  I went to’ programs and features’,  ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ and disabled IIS as well as ‘Windows Process Activation Service’ .

-  I then used my OS disk and ran a repair against my pc.

-  Then restart IIS as well as WPAS

Without shutting down WPAS you can’t restart the IIS component on your pc and you get an error when you attempt to do so.   This took some patience but it worked out in the end.  You will need to correct your IIS settings once it’s back up and running.

I haven’t reinstalled any of the service packs just yet on my pc as I’d like to enjoy a working machine for a few hrs at least.  I hope that helps someone else.

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