[RESOLVED]Visual Studio 2008 Standard vs Professional


I have tried to find a comparison matrix for versions of Visual Studio 2008, I need to buy some copies of the team, I think that the standard edition will suffice, but wanted to check what is didn’t have compared to Professional. So any of you guys/gals
know what Pro has got what Standard does not [:)]

We are just creating web applications for intranent and an e-commerce site, we need to use source safe, create project class libraries but thats about it, would Standard be enough? Oh we have 64 bit machines.

Thanks for your help

Here’s a link to a comparison chart for you:


The links for Visual Studio 2005, will the comparisons between the versions be the same in 2008?

Brilliant thanks

Be real careful if you buy the VS2008 Pro Upgrade version. Our copy arrived without a Product Key, so we cannot install it. MS Support says the base key is not in their database for almost a week know, so they cannot generate a new key for us. I would suggest
checking for the product key before you leave the retailer or you might end up like us – dead in the water.

The biggest difference I could see between Pro and Standard are:

  1. <div mce_keep="true">Integrated Unit Testing</div>
  2. <div mce_keep="true">Office based solutions building</div>

Are there any other biggies that I should be aware of?

Download Comparrison

The debugging capabilities for T-SQL and XSLT are also important differences.

Main differences:

- (big) debugging capabilities

- (minor) limited database development support in standard (no server explorer, no database project, no sql server project) In fact this is not a big deal, because sql 2005 management studio is quite powerful.

- (big) limited xslt editing

- (big if you need it) no smart device development (windows ce and similars) at all in standard!

This is just my opinion.

If you need multiple copies and you have the budget go for the two year msdn professional subscription in some open license (in US you can also get a one year boxed msdn subscription, outside US the only option the two year open license). The two year open’s
price is about twice as a boxed professional upgrade, but you get tons of software for two years (including new versions of sql server, os and visual studio)  

I’m not sure about sourcesafe support in standard, but you can simply switch to
subversion and
(this way you can spend more money for the professional) [;)]


Oops.  Try this for 2008:



I love microsofts policy of just removing links as soon as they have a newer product and want to push your attention towards that. i think i’ve found more broken/changed links on microsoft sites then on all other sites combined.

I dont suppose anyone knows where the correct link is now, assuming it hasn’t just been removed entirely.

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