Using business objects as data source for MS Report rdlcs with WAPs

Since there is no App_Code directory, I am unable to get my generics class to appear in the datasources for an rdlc that I create in my WAP project. 

I think there might be some limitation where we cannot use generics business objects as the datasource or reports since the WAP has no App_Code folder where the class must normally reside for the reporting datasources to pick it up as a datasource.

Any thoughts?  This will prevent my company from moving to 2005!

Here is what someone else used to work around the problem:

  1. <div class=MsoNormal> Drop an ObjectDataSource on the form with the ReportViewer.</div>
  2. <div class=MsoNormal>Configure the ODS to use the TableAdapter associated with the source DataSet.</div>
  3. <div class=MsoNormal>In the Misc->LocalReport properties for the ReportViewer, select DataSources and click the ellipsis.</div>
  4. <div class=MsoNormal>In the ReportDataSource Collection Editor, click the Add button.</div>
  5. <div class=MsoNormal>In the properties for the new ReportDataSource, specify <DataSet>_<table> as the value for the Name property and the ID of the ODS as the value for the DataSourceId property.</div>

 This results in the following ObjectDataSource tag:



And the following ReportViewer tag: 

="8pt" Height="400px"
LocalReport ReportEmbeddedResource="ReportViewerCrash.Report1.rdlc"


Hope this helps,


The problem with this is you are creating a business object datasource from a dataset.

My approach is using a class that returns a generics class of my class type.  This normally is autodetected once compiled in a web site’s App_Code folder when you open an rdlc and look at the website datasource window.

It was confirmed that this is a bug with WAP’s that cannot be addressed until SP1.  The bug is the WebsiteDatasource window does not appear or update with the WAP generics classes.  I was told they are trying to find a workaround and will keep me posted.

I am correct in saying you are creating a dataset to bind to correct?  This is not going to work for the generics report object datasource approach right?


Hi Greg,

Were you able to resolve this issue? I am also having the same issue. I have a Web application (and not a web site) and I want my classes as the data source for the report, but the classes do not show up in the data source window. I need to have
a report and bind to my business objects..

Your response really appreciated.


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