[RESOLVED]Use of the designer to bind data and writing code: what are your comments?

I cam from the Woindows Programming back ground and in C# / VB we use semi-Designer to create controls ie. I used Drag and drop option to add controls to the form though we could bound data to control from the designer, I wrote code to bind data to controls.
This is the way I used to write apps. When I move to I found many tutor used the designer to bind data to controls…etc. Should we use the designer to to bind data to control or this is a personal preference? cheers

Its always better to Bind the data in Codebehind rather than in designview.
This will fix a lot of designing efforts.


Visual Studio provides many controls to bind data without writing any code, this will make asp.net development fast.

In my opinion, it depends on your requirement. For a little project, I will use designer to bind data this is easy and fast. For large project, especially for team work project, I prefer to write code. For instance, one engineer writes data access code and
another writes data present page.

Besides, using code can let you understand the technology well. You also can work them together. For example, you create data access layer and use ObjectDataSource control to bind data.

For more information, http://www.asp.net/learn/data-access/





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