[RESOLVED]TreeView expand is not working in windows Azure


TreeView in application is working fine in normal web deployment application, the same code I have deployed in Window Azure, now in one of the area have Treeview is not expanding the same code is working fine in normal web deployment application.

can any one please help in this issue?


getting any error


If Treeview is dependent on DataSource, make sure that Datasource is able to fetch data in Azure.

Hi DivakarGanta,

Thank you post the issue to asp.net forum.

raju dasa
 mentioned, TreeView control will bind datasource. We should make sure the datasource is available in the azure


Besides, you can debug the cloud service in visual studio:


If you are using the azure website, you can run in debug mode locally in IIS Express or remotely in an Azure Website.


Get the reason which caused your issue will help you solve it. Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply, I debug the code and data is binding and visible. 

the same code is working fine in normal other deployments, but not in Azure.


here is my code:

<asp:TreeView ID="tvSkills" style="overflow:auto " EnableViewState="true" Height="300" Width="100%"
Target="_self" SelectedNodeStyle-ForeColor="navy" ExpandImageToolTip="" ExpandDepth="0"
ShowExpandCollapse="true" runat="server" CollapseImageToolTip="" PopulateNodesFromClient="true"
EnableClientScript="true" ShowLines="true" SelectedNodeStyle-Font-Bold="true" ForeColor=black

NodeWrap="true" OnTreeNodePopulate="tvSkills_TreeNodePopulate" >


protected void tvSkills_TreeNodePopulate(object sender, TreeNodeEventArgs e)
PopulateChildSkills(Convert.ToInt32(e.Node.Value), e.Node);

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