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I was reading up on Angular for the first time the other day and thought to myself "Unbelievable….here’s a framework that could care less about Separation of Concerns" which of course is diametric to what MVC is all about.  Any thoughts on that?  It was
just my first impression… What do you like about Angular?  And why should I consider using it?

Angular has some features which you can use, but there are other ways to achieve what you can get in angular js. If you follow angular it will be always the same format sending the JSON object from mvc controllers. asking the browser to use angular to format
json objects into required UI. It has advantages like low network consumption as json alone is sent to client, quicker response time as razor engine is hardly used you are not building the whole html at server, only the layout will be generated from mvc and
rest of the dropdowns radio buttons are generated by angular js. One thing you might have to consider is if you use any other Jquery controls like the scroller, popup, dropdowns are they compatible with angular js.


"Unbelievable….here’s a framework that could care less about Separation of Concerns"

AngularJS framework is built using MV* pattern (more popularly MVVM) which clearly have "separation of concerns". Similar to MVC, MVVM and Angular has Separation of concerns built in. Unfortunately most of the examples in Angular are primitive and hence
you may get the feeling like this. JavaScript as a whole suffers this separation of concerns feeling. I believe the reason is most of the current adopters of Angular and Javascript is frontend developers. But this is changing rapidly. Please take a look at
my blogs on this

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Also take a look at my demo project at GitHub



What do you like about Angular?

A great framework to build single page applications. It drastically reduces your code. I also feel that Angular is going to de facto standard for Single Page Application


why should I consider using it?

If you are building a single page application, then I strongly recommend Angular. Otherwise look at Knockout

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