[RESOLVED]Templete with 4 Different Languages

Create a website with different 4 different languages.

The end user shall enable to select a language with same templete

What solution is recommended to do?

Is there any more criteria to take account to?

For instance should a database contain 4 different language. If end user select from English to German, should the website retrieve all data from the database containing German words?

The website should be built with ASP.net MVC

You have to store all the data in all the languages you want to support. And on selecting the language you have to get the data related to that particular language.

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There’s a good tutorial by the Microsoft folks about handling advanced topics like Internationalization. Go ahead and check out this site: http://www.asp.net/mvc/overview/advanced. There’s also a tutorial
and sample application you can step through here: http://afana.me/post/aspnet-mvc-internationalization.aspx.

Have a good one

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