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 I want to design a concept similar like nested gridview.But i dont want table inside a table. Is there any way to do it.pls help.

You can use a listview which allow you to control the rendered html. You might use divs instead. 

You can show/hide div also insted of table.

dear komaldparekh,

                                can you give me a example for this.

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You can show/hide div also insted of table.

The <div> element and <table> element are often used as a layout tool, If I don’t misunderstand, komaldparekh recommend to use <div> element instead of <table> element. Besides, here is a good article which describes why do developers move form table-based
website structures to div-based structures, you could refer to it.

If you have any question about this issue, please post back freely.

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Fei Han

What sort of data are you displaying in your grid/nested data?

If it’s tabular data, use a table – that’s what tables are for. A gridview is typically used for displaying tabular data so it makes sense to render it as a table. If you have nested data that is also tabular, that should also be rendered as a table. 

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