[RESOLVED]Super Noobie Question – VS installed templates


Whenever I watch these demo videos I notice that they seem to have project templates available that I don’t have. I only have the following project templates available under Web:

  • ASP.NET Web Application
  • ASP.NET AJAX Server Control
  • ASP.NET Server Control
  • ASP.NET Web Service Application
  • ASP.NET AJAX Server Control Extender
  • WCF Service Application

How do I install the ASP.NET AJAX Web Application or ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Web Application templates?

I’m running VS2008. (.net 3.5)



You can get some info on getting additional templates here:


In Visual Studio 2008, website applications are already ajax enabled.  You don’t need a template, as far as I know.  You just drag a <scriptmanager> to the form and you’re good to go. 

OK thanks…yeah I  thought they were (although I’ve never managed to get AJAX to work in my web app yet – but I figured it was because my web app was migrated from an old .net v1.1).

I was just wondering. I just watched an AJAX demo video on this site and the guy doing the video created a new project from an ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Web Project template, which I’ve never seen before. Which got me wondering if there was some download here
that included these other project templates that we could add to our VS.

Thanks, I will check that out.

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