[RESOLVED]Suggestions on Single Page Applicatin Design

we have a new project requirement where we need to develop a single page application. My manager told me to do a research like whether we can use any content management system. Our requirement is we have lots of plugins. We are planning to create plugin
download and help system, where others can download the plugins,see demos and copy the code like the jquery.com and getbootstrap like below.Also we need to add a rating feature for each plugin.


Our client need it as a SPA and asked to check any CMS(content management system) like orchard,Drupal,WordPress or anything will help. Or we he put an option of Sharepoint or a MVC application with Angular/JQuery. Could you please give your suggestions for
the same.

If you are going to use a content management system (CMS) to host your SPA, then you looking for a CMS system that has a rest interface that supports the feature you need. Is the SPA just for the end user, or do need it to create content and do approval?

With a CMS system, you will probably not be writing much server code, so you want a full featured one. You also want a CMS that supports javascript pages. Your choices of CMS should support the content creation feature you require.

You would still use angular or client framework of your choice.

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