[RESOLVED]Sending information from one site to another


I have two web sites. In the first web site, I have a table with items. I want to show the latest 5 items from this table on the second web site. When I add a new item on the first site, it will be available on the second site too. It is like form news sites
you get RSS. 

How can I do that?

Thanx in advance..

If the two sites have access to the same SQL Server then the easiest way is that they just share the same database.  Failing that, if you make updates in one site you’ll need to "push" those updates to the second via an API like a web service, or alternately
the second site can just always get its own data from the first site using a web service.


Thank you for your information, but I am new to all what you say. You suggestions:

1- sharing the same database: how to do that?

2- Using API – how?

3- Using Web Service – how?

Any source will be usefull..

If you have access to the other database, u can configure it in your web.config file using EF or other ways. and then you can have access to all the tables, Stored procedures, views and etc.

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