securing web API using oAuth 2 and azure ACS

I have read lots of tutorials about securing web API’s using oAuth2. I have also created the ACS in the azure. but still I don’t understand what does the ACS have to do with securing web API’s. I find this tutorial supportive but
don’t know where the ACS role is supposed to be. I need to understand the process step by step what is supposed to happen to secure the web API.

can anyone please support me with information?

ACS has some support for producing tokens, but ACS is being deprecated by Microsoft, so I’d suggest to not develop anything new using it.

I’m obliged to use ACS my task is to secure my web API’s through oAuth2 using ACS. I should generate my own registration server. but i’m missing the flow I don’t know what to do so little documentation about the subject

Hi lolo512,

Please take a look at this article below:

# ACS v2 OAuth 2.0 Delegation Support Explained

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