[RESOLVED]secure my WEB API with oAuth2 using ACS

I have built my MVC 5 project and the web api project as well, published both on azure and all working fine.now I want to secure my web api with oAuth2 using ACS on azure. I have followed step by step the tutorial for that:


and when running I’m having this error:

the AcsAuthenticationModule could not be registered for your application.Remove the AppStart_OAuth2API.cs file from your project and add the following entry under the system.webServer.httpModules section in the web.config:<add name=…../>

Ineed to know what is going wrong. I have tried the above but still shows an error that the path s missing


If you would like to register module dynamically, you can try using

For more information, please refer to the document:

#Register your HTTP modules at runtime without config


#Three Hidden Extensibility Gems in ASP.NET 4


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