[RESOLVED]Scheduled Task for DB Query

Good afternoon,

I have a basic query that runs on web page using javascript to conduct a refresh every hour. I am wanting to ensure that this query runs even if the page is not open, therefore javascript becomes useless.

I looked at this: http://www.mikesdotnetting.com/article/254/scheduled-tasks-in-asp-net-with-quartz-net

Would this be the best method? Or are there other options at my disposal for doing this task?


for more information http://www.quartz-scheduler.net/

You don’t need server access, to start scheduling task.

There are other options:

  • Windows Service
  • SQL Server job
  • Scheduled task
  • Other scheduling library (e.g. http://hangfire.io/)

Which one is best depends on what access you have to the server operating system, SQL Server and your level of knowledge.

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