[RESOLVED]same Identity

Can on the website for at least two users
with the same object Identity?


Unclear. If they are using the same account, the web site can’t distinguish them and they’ll have the same "identity". Try to give some more context (keep in mind we know nothing expect what you told us). Is this something you want to do or some kind of
issue you run into?

If you have an issue, always directly describe what happens and ask about that rather than to first ask if you what you think is happening could happen.

I would say "no". But you question is not comprehensive. Please provide additional details.


Each user will have his/her own identity. I think, you are using Individual User accounts option while creating application. Also as others mentioned, you may elaborate if you have any particular issue with identity.  


I need to distinguish between users, which goes from subdomain to subdomain without re-authentication.

Hi Alex,

If you are using Forms authentication, and if you want to share the authentication across multiple subdomains (but with in same domain) – then setting the domain property is needed.

A good article for reference:


Configuration snippet from the above reference:

  <machineKey validationKey=”validationKeyA” decryptionKey=”decryptionKeyA” validation=”SHA1″ decryption=”AES” />
  <authentication mode=”Forms”>
    <forms name=”.ASPXAUTH” domain=”shawnmeyer.com”></forms>

Hope this helps.


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