ReportViewer Control in MVC page style issue


I have a ReportViewer Control issue in my CSHTML page. The issue is one of the drop down list in the report parameter is selected, it is displayed above the IE browser address bar. This is occurring when Dropdown have more data items and then it starts displaying
from the address bar to report data pane.  This issue is there in  IE11 and not in Chrome. Any suggestion?

Hi anulall,

How do you render ReportViewer control in the view? Please provide the detail code.

About doing report in MVC project, please refer to:

# Prototype MVC4 Razor ReportViewer? RDLC

# MvcReportViewer HTML Helper

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Thank you for your time.

This is not a code issue I feel. When I access the report directly from report server , same behavior exists in IE 11.  

IE11 issue

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