[RESOLVED]Rendering thank you page after email

I have been working on MVC for a long time, today I helped a friend setup a email form using Webpages and webmatrix.

I have pointed the form to thankyou.cshtml. and the email sends, but the thank you page does not render. using fiddler I can see the thank you page in the response body.

Have I forgotten something simple here. Its been a long time since I have classic asp or webforms


Can you show the code in thankyou.cshtml?

OK when submitting my code, I found my problem,

I had forgot I used ajax to submit the form to get around an earlier problem. sorry to bother you.

but I may as well present my earlier problem.

There is a second email form in the footer, and when I submit the form, it posts the fields from the second form. only the fields that are the same in both forms are populated.



I worked it out, he had some pugin to send the forms, I removed the plugin and all working as expected.


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