[RESOLVED]Remove characters from friendly url's

I’m using RouteTable.Routes.MapWebPageRoute() for routing but the urls are showing special charactors. How can I remove special characters in the URL and just add a dash to separate each word?

Right now the urls are showing:


I’m trying to get:


%20 means you have a space in between desk and top.

Why can’t you make the string desktop or desk-top ?

If you have a route 

RouteTable.Routes.MapWebPageRoute("/products/{cat1}/{cat2}", "~/products.cshtml", new {cat1=something1, cat2=something2 });

then you can just use replace " " with "-" i.e. something2.replace(" ","-")

then you might need to do same .replace("-"," ") to get the original value back to be able to display it or query a database.

The problem here is that if you would have a category with "-" in the name, e.g. "cd-rom" then this logic my be not the best and in this case it would be better to keep name and route separately in the database e.g.

Name        Route
Desk Top    desk-top
Laptop      laptop
CD-ROM      cd
Sale %%% sale

So that you could use customized rows for any name

You can use the algorithm that Stackoverflow uses to generate a slug, which takes care of special characters: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25259/how-does-stack-overflow-generate-its-seo-friendly-urls.

Note: the code makes use of a custom method called RemapInternationalCharToAscii, which replaces all non-ASCII characters with their ASCII equivalent for the URL. It isn’t featured in that post, but can be found here: http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7435/non-us-ascii-characters-dropped-from-full-profile-url/7696#7696

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