Reference Partial View from area


I have a partial view located in my root directory /Views/Partials/PartialViewName.cshtml

I have an area and inside that area i need to reference the partial view but I keep getting the error Partial view can’t be found.

Can someone tell me how to reference it correctly I have tried




All with no luck


Try like this:


or check this site, may help u:

Hi Raju dasa,

Still not working…..

Hi Harrison,

Thanks for your reply.

According to your description,


Still not working…..

What’s the error?please check Reference Path if correct.

Try this:

@(Html.Partial("~/Views/Partials/ImportantInformation.cshtml", Model))

Why would I need to pass a model to it? Its just plain HTML code, it doesn’t require a model,

The error is it doesn’t load on the page for some peculiar reason

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