[RESOLVED]Razor Web Page select option with Jquery Lookup

Having successfully integrated an autocomplete function to one of my projects using mikesdotnetting article

, (nice facelift on the site btw Mike), I am now trying to implement the same but using a Directory.GetFiles command to autocomplete a filename lookup.

I realise this isn’t confined to Webmatrix & Web Pages but as that is the environment I am working in I thought I’d see if anyone had successfully achieved this?

Current code is below:

Main Page:

        <div id="searchInput" class="searchInput">
        <br />
            <div id="searchdiv">Reg. Search: &nbsp<input type="text" id="search" name="search" class="search" /></div>
        <br />

            $(function () {
                $('.search').autocomplete({ source: '/lookups/lookup',
                                          minLength: 4 });


    var files = (@"\serverinsurance$InformationBLANK FORMS - HEADER SHEETSSWOCLOSED CLAIMS");
    foreach(var file in files){
        reg = file;
    var term = Request["term"] + "%";
    var result = Directory.GetFiles(files,term, SearchOption.AllDirectories);
    var data = result.Select(p => new{label = p.???});
    Json.Write(data, Response.Output);

As you can see above, I have placed 3 ?’s where I am a bit stumped.

Using a DB Query, this would be the field to pull out of the DB but in this situation I am struggling to figure out what to replace it with?

Any help or points in the right direction would be great.



Apologies for the misleading title!!

I had also tried via a Select > Option method but changed my approach after starting this thread!


I am closing this thread (marking as answer) as the title I have given it is complete tosh!

Do you just want the filenames returned? If so, your code will be this:

var data = result.Select(p => new { label = Path.GetFileName(p)});

You also need to change the "term" variable. The wildcard for file searches is an asterisk, not the percent sign:

var term = Request["term"] + "*";

Not sure what the foreach loop preceding that is all about, either.

As simple as that!

Working a treat thanks Mike.

The foreach was a throwback to a previous attempt.

Many thanks

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