[RESOLVED]Questions on the Tab control

Could someone help me to better understand the Ajax control Toolkit Tab control.   In the past I have used the built in ASP.net "Menu" control with a "SiteMapDataSource" in a Master page and a "Web.sitemap file.  By using this configuration, I am able to
load a different page that is associated with the tab when the user clicks each tab.  ie:  when a user clicks on a tab it loads the page for that tab from the Web.sitemap file.  There are several nice things with this configuration.  First your html and code
behind are in seperate files per tab and second the tabs are lazy loaded.

My Question is this, is this same configuration possible with the Ajax Tab control or the JQuery tab control.  From what I have seen you have to code everything in the same page.  Is this the prefered way to do this?

Any help would really be appreaciated.  Examples greatly appreaciated!

Thanks  Dave.

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