[RESOLVED]Problems with using ASP.NET validator JavaScript functions on Safari with VS 2005

We have an app based on the ASP.NET libraries that are shipped with VisualStudio 2005.  There are a set of functions that are delivered to the web app client for validation support, such as ValidatorEnable().  When we run our app on Safari on the Mac, we
have found that the validation functions are not available.  On other Mac browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, and all popular Windows browsers, we are not having this problem.  Looking at the JavaScript console, it would appear that the web resource containing
the validation support is not being delivered to the client.  

Has anyone seen this, and is there a workaround?  Long term, we want to update to a newer ASP.NET version, but we have a lot of dependencies, particularly in the COM area, that make this difficult to do in the near term.  So we would prefer to make this
work with what we’ve got, if we can.


Does it help to use Page.IsValid() on the server side as work around?



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