Problem whit calling window_onload before create xml finished

I created page x.aspx ,in html code refer to another page y.aspx that in his page_load I Create xml Code in page x.aspx: <form id="Form" method="post" runat="server"> </form> **************** In page_load() of y.asp I create xml. In window_onload of x.aspx
I use id=testXML of xml and create table There is the code: <script language="vbscript" > function Window_Onload() call CreateTableByXML end function </script > ************** THE PROBLEM IS same times When process call window_onload the create xml had not
finished So happen error How can force to call Window_Onload() after it sure that xml had created Please help Thank sm
Introduce a Boolean field that contains true when XML is created. Use this to register script block using the startup script method or other methods for dynamic scripting in as below

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