[RESOLVED]POP UP window like panel not wrking


In my page i have designed two ModalPopupExtender.They wrked well wen i used script mngers.

I used script mngr in master page so i removed that one in the current child page.

But that is not wrking.I have also used Script Mngr Proxy but its not wrking.

PL HLP 2 resolve it..


Download the Demo program from this link program name in ModelpopupExtender



You have placed a ScriptManagerProxy or ToolkitManagerProxy in your aspx page and Also if you are working with .Net 4.0 then you might want to specify AjaxFrameworkMode="Enabled"

If your ModalPopupExtender in the masterpage inside UpdatePanel and your UpdatePanel UpdateMode="conditoinal" you have to change it to always , or use Update() method.

Refer the following Link………


Hopes Helps U……………………..

The PopupPanel and the TargetControl should be placed in the same page with the ModalPopupExtender. But we can open a Modal from another page by using the Server side code:

ModalPopupExtender1.Show();//the ModalPopupExtender1 is the ID.

Client side code: $find(“the ModalPopupExtender’s behaviorId”).show();

You can also refer to these threads about how to use the ModalPopup with Master Page:




Please try to use ToolkitScriptManager instead of ScriptManager. Any more question, please feel free to reply.

i have used loading panel and its wrking fine.I loading panel i didnt used any triggers.Without triggers its working good.

Mine is asp.net 3.5 framework in c#.net.

thnks 2 all folks

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