[RESOLVED]playing uploaded video in the page of site


can anyone guide me about playing uploaded video in the page of site

such as :

which multimedia player needed? (flash player or . . .)

video’s extension?

how multimedia players loaded the video?

Getting video to play in a cross-platform environment can often be tricky, as specific browsers only support certain file types (and you need to use plug-ins to supplement and fill the gaps). As a result you may have to convert your particular video
into multiple different formats so that when requested, the browser can choose the appropriate option for it to play.

Consider Video For Everyone

You may want to consider checking out Video For Everyone which explains setting up video so that it can be used in nearly every environment and browser (using HTML5 and a
). There is actually a generator available for this sample plugin available here which will generate the appropriate code that can be used across multiple browsers.

You can read more about this topic in this Microsoft article on Making your HTML5 Video play on Mobile Devices. If you are looking for some additional resources or alternatives (if the above
doesn’t suit your needs or you want to see what else is out there
) check out the list below :

thanks :)

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