[RESOLVED]PasswordRecovery email error

I am having a problem sending email from the passwordrecovery control.  I am not able to fix the email settings at this time and was wondering if there was a way to show the newly generated password in a label on the page and bypass email?  I know this is
less secure, but it is my only option at the moment.  Any help would be great.

make a new page

add one textbox for user name and some element for user help

add one asp:button with text "Get New Password"

on button click write the code to generate the random password and show this password to user

1- Get User By User Name from Membership

2- Call ResetPassword Method

3- Show the new password to user

Simple Example Code:

String newPassword = "";
 user = Membership.GetUser(UserName.Text);



newPassword = user.ResetPassword();

  lblNewPassword.text = newPassword;


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