Partial Views and Popups…After clicking on Close need to refresh the page….

Hi All,

I amusing the PopUp example as suggestedin the above forum link…..

But now i want to Refresh the page after clicking on Close(x) …

So please help me….

Please advice…

Thanks in advance…




Try to extand a refresh function in your javascript function decalation part,


And try to find the client side onclick function on "X" which should be an image button.


Hi Nai-Dong jin

I have tried yur suggstion location.reload(true)

But when i close dialog (modal popup) the msg appears on other web page in mozilla only (not in i.e. 8)

The page gets refreshed in both but the msg appears in mozilla only.

I am raising an HttpPost action on click of submit button(Using Ajax.BeginForm())

That method returns a string msg like below

public string insertRecords()


         return msg;


and this msg is appearing on next page showing url like


Please help……

How can i overcome this…..


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