[RESOLVED]page and ajax

When the page
shows a portion of the content
ajax, it
has 2
connection -
to the current page
and the page
requested by ajax?
Likewise with the
iframe? Trying to
optimize your site, but it turns out
that the use of Ajax
clog the channel.

It initiates a new connection, but these connections are permanent, they only exist until the content is retrieved.  Use the network section of the browser’s developer tools (f12) and you’ll get to see all the connections your page makes.  It will make a
connection for each image, script file, css file etc too.  If any ajax code runs that will instantiate a connection, as will an Iframe, and any resources (images, script files, css files) used in the iframe will kick off a connection, as will any images etc
referenced by html you return from your ajax call.

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