Organization structure in a MVc view

Hi All,

I have a requirement where in i have been given a word document of organization structure whichc cointains the images of the team members and what they do ,

I have to desgin a page to diplay the organization structure .

I am using MVC4  with aspx views

I got almost 12 images , if i put everything in aspx view everything becomes cumbersome .

What is the best of way of doing this ?i mean do we have any plugins or anything that can make it easy to display the images properly, and the user can read the info properly.



1. Create your Models classes based on data you have got in word file. (Images should not be stored in db only their address).

2. Create DBCotext class.

3. Initialize your DB. There are four ways choose one that suites in your situation:

  • CreateDatabaseIfNotExists
  • DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges
  • DropCreateDatabaseAlways
  • Custom DB Initializer

4. Create Repositories to interact with EF and provide Abstraction.

5. Now create your ViewModels to design your strongly typed view.

6. Create controller Action method to pass view data to View. 

7. Design your views to show Team Members details with their images. 



Hi , 

Thanks for the reply.

I  wanted to know if we have any plugins or anything which can be used to dislplay the imagew with the description

because there are almost 12 images and if i put them in one page , it will be cumbersome and the user can’t read the info properly .

Thanks for the suggestions.

I don’t have any idea whether plugins are available or not for your requirement . But you can write your own code to achieve this. 
If file size is more you can have less sized images for preview and on click or on hover you can display complete image using jQuery Ajax.

You can use following tool to re-size all your images for preview: 



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