Opening a ASP.NET page with window.showModalDialog()

Here is the deal: I want to call a child window and keep the parent window blocked while its open, the thing is that when I perform the postback in the child window it opens a third window (with the same content from the child one, actually I’m pretty sure
it’s the postback’s return).

I could use the function to solve this issue but as far as I know it won’t block the caller window…

So, does anyone have any idea on solving this?

T.I.A. soneks

In the popup e.g the document opened with showModalDialog, put

<base target="_self"> inside <head></head>

Worked just fine.

Thanks a lot!

I have used <base target="_self"> inside <head></head>, it works fine on local machine, but on dev and prodeuction it opens third window apart from main and popup dialog.

My application works under an Iframe, we have one sharepoint application, which has one page. There is a iframe in that page and my application is routed through that page.

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