[RESOLVED]Not able to get name of the image button on Controller side

Hello There, 

I am new to MVC and facing lot of issues :(

I have one image, acting as a button, when I clicked on it, it post back, but not able to find its name in Action. Here is my code snippet

View :-

@using (Html.BeginForm())

<input type="image" value="AddRoutine" name="button" src="~/Images/Add.png" id="imgAdd" title="Add" alt="Add" />


Controller :- 

public ActionResult Index(string button)
          // the parameter "button" is always comes null 

it is working fine when I use input type button instead of image 

Where I am doing mistake, what is the problem with input type image ?

Please help me out 


An input type="image" is not an input that can carry a value to the server

try this

<button type="submit" value="AddRoutine" name="button" >
    <img src="~/Images/Add.png"  title="Add" alt="Add"/>

thats because the image posts two values containing the x & y positions. name.x and name.y. so you need an object:

public class ImageValue
   public int x {get; set;}
   public int y {get; set;}

public ActionResult Index(ImageValue button)


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