[RESOLVED]Newbie intern: A little lost on how to structure and get my project started (updating DB tables with an SPA)

Hi all,

So here are the details of the project that I have been assigned:

The company has several database tables which I am to make accessible via a webpage, and users that are properly authenticated should be able to go in, select the appropriate table from a drop-down and then edit the relevant row. The updates should then
be send back to the database. They already have a web project going that uses Web-Api as a backend with angular.js as a front-end, and I’d like to make mine as compatible as that so that it could eventually be integrated within. 

Initially, I thought to use strongly typed models using the ado.net data object model, but what if they want to dynamically add a new table to the list in the drop down? Would I not have to go into my code, and always explicitly add a new model to accommodate
this? Is there a way to dynamically handle any new table (perhaps by not using Entity Framework)?

If you need more details, just let me know. How would you more experienced programmers handle this?

Thanks in advance, any advice would be appreciated! :)


t what if they want to dynamically add a new table to the list in the drop down?

use DataTable. Or use plugin architecture and add dll’s to the project.

What you need is some kind of meta data driven approach, where you dynamically get the tables and their columns from the database and allow user to update them. Please see this example which is done for WPF. You can easily adopt for a web application

Dynamic Data Entry With XML Literals

Thank you, I’ll have a look.

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