.net application, printer issues

I have a .net application running .net and sql server. I have 2 client machines accessing the application. These to client machines are placing orders, when the order is finished the sales receipt get printed on the server automatically using notepad /p, and
prints on the printer that is attached the server. This is what I want to do, all printing must be done on server. here is my code to do printing dim fstemp, filetemp Dim ScriptFullName ScriptFullName="c:reportscustomer" & custid.text & "-" & datestring()
& ".txt" fstemp = server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") filetemp = fstemp.CreateTextFile(scriptfullname, true) filetemp.writeblanklines(2) filetemp.WriteLine("Sales Receipt for ") filetemp.Close ‘print file Dim oWSHShell oWSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oWSHShell.Run("Notepad /p " & """" & ScriptFullName & """" & ",7, true") What I really wnat to happen is to set up a default printer on the server to be another printer located near the 2 sales clerks pc’s. When I change the server to defualt to another printer
on the network, it get redirected when I print from server, but the application runs, it ignores the default network printer and prints to the printer that is attached to the server. also does anyone know how to ptint landscape using this method of printing.
anyone have any ideas…
I don’t know how this is related to HTML, CSS or JavaScript . You may want to post this in relevant forums. Is this a web app or windows application.

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