[RESOLVED]Need help in publishing MVC Application

Hi All,

I have an MVC applicaiton. i want to publish it in IIS and access from the server.


1.  MVC application published in PC1 (windows server 2008)

2. Have to access in PC2 ( Normal PC) connected to the server 

Please help me with this


Have you googled how to publish a site or set-up a site in IIS and followed the steps?  There are a lot of walkthroughs on this already, it would help if we knew what you’d already tried and looked at.

Please see this Microsoft’s video on how to publish using Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2013 Web Editor Features – Publishing

Hi AshwinKiran,

First, please refer to pprasannak’s reply.

Secondly, after publish the application to the IIS, you need to add host map (C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts) in the
PC2 to let it to recognize the domain name or you could bind the website to use IP and access it through IP address.

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Starain Chen

I personally would never use HOSTs file.  Use DNS, it’s simple and better to do.

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