[RESOLVED]MVC and devexpress referencing on themes


Not sure if I should ask the question here. I use devepress in my MVC solution and I’m using a theme. But on my server when I tried to publish it keeps asking for references to all the different objects in my themes folder…i.e. no reference exist for the
chart even though I’m not using it, but it is part of my theme.

Do I now have to set a reference to all the devepress dll’s? There’s an awfull lot of them of which I’m using only a few and those are referenced.


Hi sunettew1,

Thanks for your post.

Have you added these code in Web.config,like this:

    <themes enableThemesAssembly="true" styleSheetTheme="" theme="MyTheme" />

More information:

#Using a Custom Theme Assembly


Hope this can be helpful.

If you have any issue about devexpress ,I suggest that you can post here

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