I am working on designing a application using MVC 5 application, where as i want to use HTML5 to target different OS & Browsers.

and I want to use my own Data Access Layer, without using Entity Framework. 

can any one suggest me a project structure and any URL, i am new to both MVC 5 and HTML 5

Thanks in Advance.

Your question is a big unclear.  If you want to use html5 then use it, likewise if you want to use your own data access layer then simply do so.  MVC is only a presentation framework, it isn’t tied to any client-side technology (html, javascript, jquery
etc) nor any data access technology like EF.

When creating a new MVC application select an empty mvc project and you won’t get all of the built-in EF support, but it’s probably not the best idea for a beginner.  Might be worth just playing around with the default mvc project, or look at some of the
mvc samples on here like the Video Store etc, and once you fully understand how the various things fit together you’ll be in a much stronger position to start your own MVC project from an empty template and use the technology you want to use.

As AidyF said, Html 5 and EF are not related to MVC project structure. For project structure, I recommend using Visual Studio templates generate a web application (with or without security)
and play with it.

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