Multiple jQuery in One Page

i tried to make this slideshow works, but all my of my efforts failed, could you please help me with that! 
i tried to add these lines

<script type="text/javascript">
         var slides = $.noConflict(true);

i am using this script 
thank you very much

I’ve not needed to do this myself, but from what I’ve looked into it seems that
RequireJS is the current approach for including multiple versions of jQuery on the same page.

Actually you are totally right it is multiple versions of jQuery, and i tried to make it works but still failing.

Okay, here what i did, i removed the other jQuery scripts, and made a  listview using datapager for the latest news insted of the news slider code, and also removed the fancybox for the more details in the Offers scetion, but still slideshow not working,
could you please help me with that?

thank you very much

hello again,

Finally, slideshow works but with there are some issues, i hope you can help me to fix it.

<div>i copied the same script to my arabic section (, and i noticed that slideshow is not working in the arabic section although it is working in the English section, beside the pagination looks so weird.  </div> <div>thank you very

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