Moving Content Visually Into Place Without Touching DOM

Hi, everyone!

We use a third-party form tool (FormStack) that allows great embedding tools to give full functionality on an external site.

As you can imagine, embedding a form inside an ASP.Net template can be a bit challenging… Especially when you’re using MasterPages since you can’t put a form control inside another and doing so causes full-page postback.

A pretty simple solution would be to move the embed code (and therefore the form) outside of the server-side form controls. This works well, but that means the form would have to be the final piece of any page, which causes problems with page layout / design.

I had the idea that I could programatically move the embed code (wrapped in a PlaceHolder control) outside of the main ASP.Net form element, but now I’m wondering if there’s way to display the form back where it was originally present.

I hope this makes sense. I’m essentially looking for some jQuery trickery to help me move the form visually without putting it back "physically" because doing so would cause a fullpage postback again.

I’d appreciate any help you might have.



Why is the placeholder inside an asp form? Restructure your page so that the forms are not nested.

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