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Hello All,

I am fairly new to asp.net and i am working on project to convert a static website to a dynamic one.

To begin with , I am trying to create a dynamic menu. I have managed to get data from database into my menu. using this resource


The menu i am working on has images for each top level menu items. And i am having hard time figuring out how to do this dynamically.

Please help!! :)

THaks in advance.

Abdul Wahab


and welcome to the ASP.NET forums.

If you already know how the result should look like you can opt for a specific control. I made menus myself with the menu, repeater and bulletedlist controls in the past for example. I like the latter 2 as they give quite some flexibility.

Grz, Kris.

thanks Kris for ur reply.

Can u provide any link how to use it ,as i am not sure about it.

thanks again




Can u provide any link how to use it ,as i am not sure about it.

. There’s plenty of articles for all the kinds of controls I mentioned before.

Grz, Kris.

Thanks Kris, will check the links…

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