[RESOLVED]Load partial view on the right hand side panel of the main view

HI ,

I am having a main view,, which is divided into 2 sections. Leftpanel with links and right panel with a div.

When i click each link in the left side menu it should render the corresponding partial view in the div in the right side panel.

PLease find my code

Main page

    Layout = null;
<link href="~/css/Admin.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
    <title>ADMIN PAGE</title>
<body style="background-color:#bfd0e4;">
     <table style="width:100%;height:100%;">
          <tr style="vertical-align:top;">
               <td style="width:60%">
                       <div id="RenderHere">
               <td class="middletd">
                    <img src="./Images/blue_overlay.jpg">
                <td style="width:60%">
                        <table style="height:60%">
                                <button id="doctors">Doktori</button>
                                <button id="apointments"> Pregledi</button>
                 <div class="holidayinn"><img src="./Images/holiday_club_logo.png"></div> 

Here two buttons are there.

I am having a partial view named _branchpartial.Its a partial view which lists some data from the db which again pouplates modal dialogs.

But here when i clcik the first button it should display this partial view(_branchpartial) in the div "RenderHere". And i need to pass the model also.

In the controller i have already written Actionresult and created partial view as follows

public ActionResult Branch()
            model= new TrackerModel();
             // List<BranchModel> filterdBranchData = null; 
                  model.branchData = this.ppiService.GetBranchData();
                 // filterdBranchData = model.branchData.Where(item => item.IsDisabled.Equals(false)).ToList();
              catch (Exception ex)
                  logger.Error("error occured", ex);
              return View(model.branchData);

Please help me to find a solution. I need to open the partial view in the div when i click the first button.

Can i use ajax method? if so how?

How can i call the Action "Branch"  from the button?



Please take a look at Ajax.ActionLink. It solves your problem

Ajax.ActionLink and Html.ActionLink in MVC  (please scroll to the middle of the page)

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