[RESOLVED]Kendo Dropdownlist null

Not sure if this forum can assist.

I am using Kendo Dropdownlist within a Kendo grid.

The column TypeId in a table is nullable. Since Kendo doesn’t like nullable fields, I’ve set the default value for the ddl to be -1.

When creating a new record it works fine.

For existing records that has a null value in the TypeId, it can’t map the ddl as expected. But when the user selects an item from the ddl, it does not register the change.

This is rather frustrating. Does anyone have experience in this field?

html.helper or kendo script

Hi alphabeatsco,

Thanks for your post.

According to your description,


Kendo Dropdownlist null

There’s a sample,you can check this:


More information:


Hope this can be helpful.

If you still have issues,please post your code here for better response.

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