[RESOLVED]Jquery Ajax Call Failed !!!


I am using ajax to call service. I am facing below error while using IE7 for browsing.


function(){if(!d){var c=arguments,g,h,i,j,k;b&&(k=b,b=0);for(g=0,h=c.length;g<h;g++)i=c[g],j=f.type(i),j==="array"?e.done.apply(e,i):j==="function"&&a.push(i);k&&e.resolveWith(k[0],k[1])} return this}

My Snippet:

var ApiURL = BasePath + "/xxx/?fmt=json";
var baseData = "<N1><N2>" + yyy + "</N2></N1>";

type: "POST",
url: ApiURL,
beforeSend: Helper.AuthHeader,
data: baseData,
success: function (data) {

// Some functionality

error: function (e) {


Unclear. And the error is ? You are showing some code rather than an error message. You already tried the javascript console and the network tab in your browser. For now I Wonder if this is an ajax error or perhaps an error while reporting about the error?

Try to clarify what is the exact error you see. Please always use basic debug Tools such as the javascript console before posting.

Hi selvakumar,

I am unclear about your statement. Please use F12, and use debug tool for more details.

 Best regards,


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